• Question: What is a Postdoctoral fellow?

    Asked by Andijane to Ana on 26 Apr 2016.
    • Photo: Ana Páez Garcia

      Ana Páez Garcia answered on 26 Apr 2016:

      “Postdoctoral” means that I have a PhD or Doctoral degree, so I am working in a postdoctoral position. In research that means that I am responsible of my own project, under the supervision of the Principal Investigator that is in charge of this project. “Fellow”, in this case means that my position is only temporary, I work in a project that lasts 4 years, and after that I need to change or looking for more funding. In the case of the organization I work for, during my time here as a postdoc I acquire formation and knowledge about my work in order to continue with my career as a researcher. And after 4-5 years I need to find another job. I am learning tons of new things!!
      Maybe in the University or in another centers this works differently, and in my country, Spain, the scientific career is also different.
      Can anyone complete this information for 583sscb24?