• Question: What is ur greatest strength and weakness. Who was ur mentor. whats ur advice for being a marine biologist

    Asked by Avi to Alex on 5 May 2016.
    • Photo: Alexander Taylor

      Alexander Taylor answered on 5 May 2016:

      My greatest strength and my greatest weakness is my curiosity. It helps me learn constantly and ask questions, but also means I get very distracted!

      My mentor is Dr. Yin-Long Qiu, a famous botanist who discovered some of the relationships between plant families using DNA information.

      My advice is to read, read, and read! Some of the things I learned about nature when I was 10 are still useful to me today. Also, volunteer with an aquarium, a museum or a university as soon as you’re old enough. Make friends with the people who work there and always ask them for help and mentorship. You’ll be surprised by how willing they are to help!