• Question: What are the perks and benefits of being a scientist?

    Asked by Chris to Alex, Ana, Clay, Keegan, Mark on 28 Apr 2016.
    • Photo: Alexander Taylor

      Alexander Taylor answered on 28 Apr 2016:

      One of the best things about being a scientist is that you get to do different things every day. On any given day, you could be teaching students, running experiments, writing papers, presenting your research at a conference, or meeting with other scientists to discuss research. Doing all these different things all the time really keeps your mind limber!

    • Photo: Keegan Cooke

      Keegan Cooke answered on 28 Apr 2016:

      Apart from doing cool stuff that you love, there are also other perks as well. You often get to choose your own hours (so if you want to work from 11am – 7pm, then you can do that). Also you typically get to travel to awesome places around the world for conferences, to talk about your work and meet other cool scientists.

    • Photo: Clay Robinson

      Clay Robinson answered on 28 Apr 2016:

      Exposing students to something they have never seen or experienced before. I enjoy taking students to places they have never been for two reasons: to help them see the world is a bigger and more interconnected place than they knew; and to give them an opportunity to interact with people they would never have met. The look on their face when they really “get” something is worth all the effort.
      I like talking about ideas, and scientists do this a lot, especially when we are trying to understand how something works or how to make it better.
      In a way all scientists are explorers, it is just the nature of what we explore that is different.

    • Photo: Mark Ritchie

      Mark Ritchie answered on 29 Apr 2016:

      The best thing about being a scientist, as a university professor, is that I have the freedom to think and explore and experiment to discover things. I can even try out different ways of teaching! If you think about a lot of other jobs, there’s usually a specified way to do something and you get paid to execute it. A scientist is paid to think of new things to do!
      Sure, there are important methods that have to be followed to measure whatever you’re interested in, but as a scientist you get to ask the question, “I wonder if….?” And that’s awesome!

    • Photo: Ana Páez Garcia

      Ana Páez Garcia answered on 2 May 2016:

      I think I cannot add a thing about the benefits of being a scientist. For me the best is to do a job I love and came to work every day with lots of energy. But I guess this happen in every job you like to do, not only in this particularly one. And it’s so true that I am paid to ask questions and try to answer them. For me, the worst part, if it is something, is that be a scientist in Spain is no easy, so I live very far away of my country, my family and my friends, and I don’t enjoy this much.