Mark Ritchie

Photo: Mark

Me and my Work: I discover new ways that animals, plants, and soil microorganisms affect each other and how this knowledge can help transform how people live.

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Keegan Cooke

Photo: Keegan

Me and my Work: I create electricity from mud, using bacteria! (and you can too!)

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Clay Robinson

Photo: Clay, aka Dr. Dirt

Me and my Work: I am a soil scientist who is passionate about learning and about teaching others about the importance of soil, the foundation of all terrestrial ecosystems!

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Ana Páez Garcia

Photo: Ana

Me and my Work: I study how the plants build their root system to explore the soil and reach all the water and nutrients they need.

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Alexander Taylor

Photo: Alex

Me and my Work: I study how certain plants evolved the ability to recognize and partner with bacteria in the soil.

Status: Thank you all so much for the fun and interesting questions - I learned a lot and I hope you did too!

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